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 Located along the northern end of UAE's Persian Gulf Coast, this Emirate is located between the Arabian Gulf and the Hajjar Mountains. Covering a coastline of 27 miles, including tranquil lagoons and golden sandy beaches,it also shares the mountainous borders with Oman. Ras Al Khaimah has earned its reputation as a eminent commercial centre with an innovative and dynamic business culture.

Ras Al Khaimah is strategically positioned to serve and access markets spanning the Middle East, Africa, Indian subcontinent and CIS countries.Further the time zone here permits it to link even markets such as the USA to the far east.To leverage this advantage ,they are building and developing a world class infrastructure, airport and port facilities, making Ras Al Khaimah a world class hub, well connected in the region.

Ras Al Khaimah is blessed with abundant natural beauty and its strategy to economic development is Tourism and Industry. The Emirate consists of coastal silver sandy beaches,majestic mountains and unspoilt desert plain. Although Ras Al Khaimah seems "undiscovered" this moment , it is definitely not likely to stay that way for much longer. Each of the region offers different lifestyles amoung "Emiratis". While the farmer grows date palms in the plains, the coastal areas features fishermen,pearl divers and traders. Ras Al Khaimah offers tourists the right blend of modern and traditional features.

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