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It is the playful lightness that makes Salzburg, the miniature metropolis, so distinctive. The enchanting silhouette of the Fortress, Cathedral and church steeples in this baroque city north of the Alps. So beautiful that it is a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site. So famous that its attractions are among the most famous in the world.

  • Creative Salzburg March

    At the end of March: Trade fair for gifts, home accessories and design

    Scheduled at the beginning of March, this event is the ideal opportunity for creative business people to meet up. Here, you’ll find a wide range of regional products, from alpine souvenirs and travel items to home accessories and spring and Easter goods. Visitors can place orders not only for the spring season, but year round collections to present. 


    Whether you’re visiting the trade fair on your own or with family, there’s no shortage of things to do in the area. The Hotel Achat Plaza Zum Hirschen Salzburg is highly recommended, as it’s both close to the event and centrally located. 

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  • Kyusho International Seminar March

    March 11-13Self-Defense Seminar

    This year, the Kyusho International Seminar, a Japanese self defense event, has arrived in Salzburg. Anyone interested in the art of self protection and healing will enjoy attending the seminar. 

    In order to attend, you need to be willing to learn and practice. A calm character is helpful, as well and you must be mature enough to use the art responsibly, with an open mind. 


    The Austrian Ministry of Sport and the Federal Sport Organisation received the 2011 Kyusho Award with the quality seal of “Fit for Austria Kyusho International.”

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  • Cancer Cluster Salzburg International Workshop April

    April 8-9: Free International Cancer Workshops

    Cancer Cluster Salzburg International Workshop - Free Workshops

    Stay up to date on the latest information on cancer at this workshop. You’ll learn about the up and coming technology and the clinical aspects and research into cancer, as well. Doctors and researchers will find this Salzburg cancer cluster workshop to be quite interesting. 

    Held at Lake Fuschl, this conference is not only informative, but also offers space for some downtime, where you can enjoy the nature around the lake. Stay at Hotel Jagdhof and spend some time surrounded by the wildlife of the area, between workshops.

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  • International Conference on Persuasive Technology April

    April 5-7Interactive technologies convention

    The 11th annual Persuasive Technologies conference is in Salzburg this year. Researchers gather to discuss their various topics of research within the field of persuasive technologies. Here you will find new ways to support those wishing to change their behavior through technology.

    Multiple workshops will be offered on a variety of topics, including gamification and the theory and design of persuasive technologies. There’s something for everyone here, whether working with organizations or individuals. The conference is held at the University of Salzburg, so you will likely want to stay at Am Neutor Hotel Salzburg Zentrum and Star Inn Hotel Salzburg Zentrum, which are affordable and within walking distance.

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  • Smart City April

    April 26-27: Exhibition for mobile tech innovations for cities



    The hottest mobile tech for cities will be available to check out at Smart City in Salzburg. The exhibition presents products designed to help enhance the efficiency of cities, as well as sustainable development in urban and rural areas of the country. This two day event is attended by city leaders from around the world. 

    The exhibition will be held in the Salzburg Exhibition Centre, for easy access. We recommend Sheraton Salzburg Hotel, since you can walk to the Exhibition Centre and easily get to Old Town and other popular sights.


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  • Salzburg Marathon May

    May 1International SALZBURG Marathon

    Sunday, May 1st, 2016 at 9:00 a.m.

    This popular Salzburg Marathon gives runners an incredible chance to see Mozart’s town as they run. The course is wonderfully flat and begins at Residenzplatz in Salzburg. Since the course is fairly short, the marathon must be completed in two laps, which allows a second pass at the beautiful sights and adds up to 42.195 kilometers. For those interested in completing only the half marathon, one lap is sufficient.

    The day before the big marathon, there is a junior marathon for kids and teens. These marathons are shorter and allow children to enjoy the fun of the marathon, without competing with the adults. 

    The marathon course runs through the historic town center of Salzburg, which gives you a unique perspective on the city. You will probably want to stay at a hotel near Residenzplatz for easy access to the race. We recommend the Arcotel Castellani, which is the official marathon hotel and is easily accessible. Another alternative will be staying at Hotel Via Roma which is slightly away from the city and yet within accessible walking distance.


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  • GI Forum July

    July 5-8Symposium and exhibit for GISociety



    Anyone interested in geospatial topics will find this forum fascinating. The main event focuses on spatial sciences, which are essential in maintaining society in a sustainable way. You’ll find that the keynote speakers are worth listening to and people come from around the world to learn about the latest new developments and trends in spatial science. 

    We recommend to contact us to find out more about which hotels that is that just a short walk from the university and is also close to the fun sights in the city. If you’re looking for something nice and close, this is a good option.


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  • Children and War July

    July 13-15Children and War: Past and Present

    A conference based on history

    The conference will be based around specific topics, which relate to war. These range from displacement and relief to resettlement and memorials. These themes will be focused on the experiences of the children affected by the war. Visitors will attend several seminars on the topics, and will hear from NGOs who help the children affected by war.

    As this conference will be located at the University of Salzburg, we recommend few hotels that is near the university and close to the fabulous sights of Mozart’s hometown.

    Options are:

    * Altstadthotel Kassererbrau

    Altstadthotel Weisse Taube

    Boutiquehotel am Dom

    Altstadthotel Goldgasse

    Radisson Blu Altstadt Hotel


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  • Mozarteum University Summer Program July

    July 18 - 27 AugustMozarteum International Summer Academy

    Attend the Mozarteum International Summer Academy this year!

    The Mozarteum University, located in Austria’s tourist hot spot, Salzburg, is the place to be this summer. The university offers an artistic summer academy for those interested in improving their art and music.

    The classes, which range from voice and art to piano and cello, are taught by world-renowned teachers from across the globe. The students are also international, drawn by the extremely high quality instruction and the great opportunity. 

    More information, visit International Summer Academy!

    Salzburg offers plenty to do throughout your stay. Take a stroll through Old Town, at the center of the city where you’ll be treated to pedestrian only streets, amazing architecture and historical sites. Here, you’ll visit Mozart’s birthplace and some very impressive museums from that time period. 

    There are historical places to visit throughout the city, so whether you’re waiting for your child to finish class or want to take in the sights as a family, there’s no shortage of things to do. Stay at a hotel near the University for easy access to the classes and you’ll have no problem getting public transport to other areas. We recommend staying at CityHotel Trumer Stube and plenty others to choose from, which is within walking distance of the University and very comfortable. We can help you book your hotel, whether you want to stay close to the museum or elsewhere.

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  • Child Poverty Conference August

    August 25-26: Reducing Child Poverty


    This conference looks at crises that can affect child poverty and what the results of this lifestyle is on the children. It will also work toward ideas to help react better to the crises that can affect poverty around the world. International students and professors will present their papers on the topics. 

    Child poverty is something that affects the entire world and is a vicious cycle, as it is nearly impossible to break out of poverty. Recent issues, such as economic problems, civil war, political instability and more can all affect the poverty of growing children around the areas affected. 

    You’ll want to stay near the University of Salzburg while attending the conference and the Hotel Wolf Dietrich is less than a kilometer from the campus. It’s well appointed and close to the other sights in town.

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  • International arts and crafts trade fair September

    September 4-6: Creative Salzburg Herbst


    Step into the world of beautiful handicrafts and art to find the hottest trends for winter and Christmas. This show offers some of the highest end interior accessories and gifts on the international market. Visitors from around the world come to place orders and collect information on the newest products. 

    You’ll want to stay near the Conference Center, so plan to stay in the Hotel Achat Plaza Zum Hirschen Salzburg nearby.


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  • FUTURA September

    September 17-19International Consumer Electronics Trade Fair


    Each year, leaders in technology come together at the FUTURA trade exhibition and exchange ideas. The conference offers the latest innovations in audio and video, satellite and telecommunication, as well as digital photography. If you’re interested in the latest digital trends, you can’t miss this.

    FUTURA is an exciting trade fair to visit and is easy to reach. You can stay at the much recommended Arena City Hotel.

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  • Salzburg Global Forum for Young Cultural Innovations October

    October11-16: Forum for young artist, entrepreneurs and cultural leaders



    Young innovators are what the world needs and so this forum provides an area for young people from six different regions of the world to meet up and present their ideas. It encourages collaboration between the young people and offers motivation, as well. To find out more about this forum, go to this site.

    We highly recommend that attendees stay in Ramada Hotel Salzburg City Center and many other hotel to choose. The hotel is near the Old City, where people will enjoy exploring, yet is within fairly easy walking distance to other sites and the forum.


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  • BWS International Trade Fair October

    October 27: International trade fair for manufacturing needs

    This international trade fair features everything you might need for woodworking, locks, fittings, DIY supplies and metal goods, as well as a wide range of machines and tools. It runs every two years and is the ideal place to find everything for skilled crafts and trades. 

    Not only will you find parts and tools at the fair, you’ll also see the latest technologies that are available. Austria Trend Salzburg Mitte is a great place to stay that is near the exhibition and also close to other sights in Salzburg.

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  • International hospitality trade fair November

    November 7-11: Alles für den Gast Herbst


    For those in the hospitality industry, this is one of the more popular trade fairs in the world. With about 700 exhibitors, there are plenty of unique products and services being offered, as well as a career lounge for those searching for a place to work. Nearly a third of the visitors are from overseas and most are the key decision-makers in their company. Find out more in this site.

    The Sheraton Salzburg Hotel is a good, comfortable hotel for guests planning on attending the conference. You’ll be close to everything worth seeing in Salzburg, too. 


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  • RENEXPO November

    November 24-26European hydropower trade fair and conference.


    RENEXPO is the largest hydropower trade fair and conference in all of Europe and is well worth attending to learn about the newest technology in hydropower. You’ll make new contacts and find interesting companies that are up and coming in the industry.

    The conference is held at Salzburg’s Convention Center, so you have plenty of options for accommodation. Try staying at the Wyndham Grand Salzburg Hotel if possible, otherwise, you might try Hotel Annex Der Salzburg Hof and others. Both are within easy travel distance of the city center


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  • Science and skiing related conference December

    December 10-15: 7th International Congress on Science and Skiing


    This follow-up conference to other congresses will be the 7th International Congress on Science and Skiing. Scientists from around the world will be presenting their scientific research in the field of alpine and Nordic skiing, as well as snowboarding. Visitors will have a chance to meet like-minded people and to participate in the local winter sports. 

    Held by the University of Salzburg, this conference is located in St. Christoph am Arlberg. We recommend you to contact us to find out what we do to make your travel as ease as possible, and best thing, it is FREE.

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