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The history of Tangier is very rich due to the historical presence of many civilizations and cultures. Artists such as Delacroix, Matisse and many more down the years have flocked here to capture the special light, vibrant colours, architechture and landscapes.

  • Festival Mawlidiyat Alboughaz March

    The International Festival "Mawlidiyat Al Boughaz" is held every year in Tangier chaired by Abdel Hafid Echergui.

    The International Festival of Madih and Samaâ Tangier "Mawlidiyat Al-Boughaz" always held in March at the sports hall Ziaten, public Tangerois love this ancient art that helps to purify the souls with particular reference to moral values, wisdom and good conduct of the Prophet Sidna Mohammed, prayer and salvation in Him. Each edition is based on a precise theme, with programs of spiritual music nationally and internationally.

  • TANJAZZ September

    Tanjazz is a jazz festival held annually in Tangier in Morocco, he is dedicated to all types of music akin to jazz.

    Tanjazz began in 1999, each year there is a special edition. it is a festival created by Philippe Lorin dedicated to all types of music akin to jazz.

    People come across the world to attend the festival, free concerts on the public scene in the city, the street entertainment, concerts and events at the Palace of Italian Institutions.

  • History of Tangier

    Few cities have had a more varied history than Tangier. Existing already as a Phoenician trading post in the middle of the 1st millennium bce, it later became Carthaginian; the remains of a Carthagini... Read More
  • Tangier, The Crossroads

    Built at the entrance to the Strait of Gibraltar, at the cro ss roads of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean, Tangier spreads out its magnificent bay at the foot of leafy g reen mountains. Just l... Read More
  • Unusual

    Legendary places Whether following the footsteps of Paul Bowles, Mohammed Choukri or Hercules, there is no shortage of legendary spots in Tangier. The artist tour Paul Bowles, Paul Morand, Jean Gen... Read More
  • Night life

    An avant-gardist town Tangier is a meeting place for those who love partying. Its mythical spots and its new trendy places give it an enormous potential. Legendary cafés The inhabitants of T... Read More
  • Relaxation

    The Tangier dream As Tangier is perched on a cliff you have a unique panorama of its mythical bay. A reason to stroll and then lounge in this particularly mild climate. Dreaming on a terrace   ... Read More
  • Unmissable

    A mythical destination Tangier retains its powerful charm to this day… From the previously nefarious alleys in the Petit Socco area to the many café terraces which are more than ever av... Read More
  • The City of Inspiration

    The city of the Strait has inspired American and European artists , painters, musicians, writers , poets, film directors, billionaires and celebrities. To  mention but just a few names: Delacroix... Read More