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Rome Events Calendar - March

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Rome, Events, City Calendar, Guide, Attractions

19 March 2009 - 21 March 2009 SAT Expo Europe
While you may not think of Rome as advanced in technology, the 2009 SAT Expo Europe will provide information on four themes including Galileo Navigational Systems and UAV’s, Earth Observation and Homeland Security, Space Research and Transportation and lastly, Integrated Telecommunications.  This international exhibit is far from the history that Rome is built on and around, but will provide a highly technical and educated view of the newest technology in space applications.  This interesting and unique exhibit will take place at the New Rome Fair Pavilion.  Prominent figures will be browsing, including foreign delegations and institutional representatives of several countries in the Mediterranean including Balkan and the Middle Eastern areas.  SAT Expo of Europe has received the patronage of the Presidency of the Minister in the past.  This is a great event to attend if you can find the time and manage to leave the lap of luxury once more from that splendid boutique hotel.

13 March 2009 - Camerata Salzburg
The charismatic Greek violinist will delight our ears once again to lead the award-winning Austrian ensemble in Bach’s Concerto BWV 1052 in D minor.  This performance will be interesting all the way through with action from start to finish.  Completing the show will be the Suite for Stings by Janacek and Death and the Maiden by Schubert, in the Mahler orchestration.  This performance has been intriguing onlookers for over 55 years.  Beginning in 1952, Bernhard Paumgartner and a handful of students and teachers from the Mozarteum set out to establish a chamber orchestra that would measure up to his musical and artistic ideals.  Soloist, conductors and collaborators in his repertoire include Sandor Vegh, Nville Marriner, Anne-Sophie Mutter and Mitsuko Uchida.  Now, for several years, the addition to this stellar list has been Greek violinist Leonidas Kavakos, who is renowned in santa Cecilia.  This event will compliment the taste and sophistication of the luxury and boutique hotel lovers.

17 March 2009 - IAMX Concert
This concert is sure to leave you stimulated if Rome has not.  The second part of the album that took Europe for a bleak, biting and sexual ride, this addition introduces the depth of a world view.  This gender bending love wars and animalistic instinct concert, combined with the scratchy, wired production and infectious melodies creates a dynamic follow up to “Kiss and Swallow”.  While this event may not be the traditional Roman vacation must see, it does allow a glimpse into the multi-billion dollar musical industry which captivates Europeans everywhere.  While history is prevalent, youth and modernism is forward moving and this concert will get you into the swing of the new age.  The IAMX concert will take place at the Circilo Gegli Artisti.

25 March 2009 - 29 March 2009 - Cortoons International Short Animated Film Festival
While the English term is cartoons, in Italy it would be cortoons, and Rome is the place to be in 2009 if film animation brings out your inner child.  The purpose of this festival and event is to being together the film makers, new artists, and professionals of this ever growing field.  Every year, improvements are made due to the greater visual experimentation of the last.  This is a great opportunity to see, learn and love this newer technology that rests behind some of our most beloved entertainment series.  Compare between the cinematographic genres, styles and technologies and decide which you like the best.  This event is unique in nature, interesting in fact and explosive in popularity.  A visit would be well worth a day in the city and some time away from the realistic plush environment of your boutique hotel and a leap into the fantasy world of short animated films.

19 March 2009 - 27 March 2009 Roma Independent Film Festival
Anything in life is better when viewed in person, so attending this independent film festival will please your entertainment soul.  You will witness first hand the excitement and enthusiasm for films and film making among young filmmakers and the realities of film production and distribution.  The main aims of this event is to create better international distribution opportunities for independent films excluded from the major distributors, to create a lively and mutually beneficial point of contact between new or underrepresented European filmmakers and established industry professionals, to provide a platform for young people with a passion for filmmaking, to inspire and help them communicate issues effectively and stimulate discussion among audience members and fellow filmmakers.  This is a seven day celebration in which local and young filmmakers will have a chance to present their work to the general public.  Awards and prizes will be handed out at this special event.

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