Asiatique the Riverfront


A Walk to Remember at Asiatique the Riverfront


#The largest mall  by the Chao Phraya Riverside Asiatique the Riverfront, the old dock turned into large open-air Chao Phraya Riverside mall, where you will never feel bored at any corners of this themed park according to the city architectures of old, with over 1,500 shops, 500 fashions boutiques, 40 bars and restaurants in total space of 48,000 square meters.





#Old dock themed  Over a hundred year ago, the pier occupied by the East Asiatic, now is being restored to be a landmark of Bangkok with retro architecture and industrial style decorations.  Shops are under 10 huge warehouses, split into small streets. And you may stop to take picture every 10-15 minutes because there are lots of themed park features like key (heart) locked wall, old style clock tower, old trams, human statues and animal figure like golden elephants.


#Enjoy fresh breeze from the river  When you think about open-air market, you would think about hot and humid air of Bangkok which is even more painful experience when you have to be among the crowd. But at this huge riverside mall, opening in early evening, there is always a gentle wind generating fresh breeze makes the mall strolling even more enjoyable. Plus as it giant space, you will not feel crowded nor step on anybody feet unintentional. And forget about dust. The whole market floor and walk way is polish concrete.

IMG_2366#Enjoy shoppings It is like night bazaar where you can buy fashionable clothes, textiles, souvenirs, accessories and antique home decor items. There is more than 1,500 shops! Somehow you will find what you like.

#Enjoy the shows  If you would like to dive into Thai culture, this tourist friendly place also offers the proud to present shows from  Joe Louis Thai Puppet Theater, Calypso Cabaret, and Muay Thai Live.

#Enjoy the Ferris wheel A ride on the 53-meter-tall wheel will enable you to see stunning night view of the river bank and the “City of Angels” beyond from top.  Not recommended to do it alone because the view is quite romantic.

IMG_2459#Enjoy the tempting food, good wines and cold beers Over 40 themed bars and restaurants boast fine ingredients and serve Thai and international like French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and all time favorite seafood. Good beers and wines from every corners of the world are serving at the open-air riverfront zone where you can enjoy live music playing every night. Sipping a glass of wine or a cup of cold beer, breathing the fresh breeze of the river, listening the song of your favorite while enjoying the river and dazzling city night view; what else you want more?


#When to go Every day from 16.00-23.30 hrs. Avoid Saturday and Sunday if you prefer more solitude.

#How to go  Grab a BTS Skytrain to Saphan Taksin Station. Walk out of the station at exit 2, look for sign of “Sathorn Pier” and walk down to the pier where free rounded shuttle boat operates every day from 16.00-23.30 hrs, departs every 15 minutes.  Or if you are staying in Silom or Sathorn area, and would like to avoid traveling by boat,  taxi is also a good choice as it is not so long distance driving.  Or if you stay in hotel located on the river bank, mostly there is free shuttle boat from the hotels.


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by Pasara Puthamat, our Bangkok local agent.

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