Boutique Hotel News (February 4th 2013)

“How to attract the Chinese guest”, the session provided a fascinating insight in to how the hospitality sector can tailor its offer to attract the affluent Chinese visitor, and a broader look at Chinese culture. The panel consisted of Kate Xiong-Britton, diplomatic global sales office, The Langham, London; Greig Holbrook, director,OBAN Multilingual; Nathan Alemany, partnerships account manager, VisitBritain; and Jason Li, business development manager, China and South East Asia, Royal Garden Hotel, London. A key element of Chinese tourism to the UK is the fact that the majority of visits are arranged by travel agents rather than by individual travellers. The average party size is eight to nine, and the average length of stay is eight or nine days. At the end of the session, the panellists were asked to give their top tips for hotels attempting to attract the Chinese market for the first time – and engaging with the Chinese travel trade figured highly on the list. Other tips included providing guests with the facility to use their Union Pay credit cards in UK hotels, and deciding which element of the Chinese market you wish to concentrate on, such as business visitors, shopping/sightseeing parties, or even the growing demographic of Chinese parents visiting their children in UK boarding schools.

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