Events in France: The Beaujolais Run 2010 – Opening Night

It was back to school for the competitors on the The Beaujolais Run 2010. The late Henry Surtees former school, Worth School, resounded to exhaust notes and the excited voices of competitors. The entrance to this year’s special launch venue was framed by the Maserati GranTourismo S, striking in white, and John Surtees’ TS7 Formula One car; whilst inside they found Henry Surtees’ kart waiting for them. Once inside, teams immersed themselves in the romance and history of Formula One and learnt what they could expect on this year’s ‘Run. Teams were privileged to share a venue central to Henry’s life, which is now home to The Pit Stop. Competitors’ eyes were drawn to the mural on the wall of Henry in his car; the focus of this wonderful recreation space constructed in Henry’s memory. For one night only The Pit Stop at Worth School had become ‘Run HQ. A Champagne Taittinger reception and wines by Messrs Louis Jadot ensured the competitors were kept refreshed in style as they came face to face with their competition for the first time. Friends of the ‘Run multiple A1GP winner Robbie Kerr and BTCC Master Anthony Reid and patron John Surtees all took to the stage to brief the teams. All competing vehicles, including the first touring motorbike to compete, were blessed by the Abbot in the style of the Italian road races of yore, before a night start; destination Brands Hatch. Competing teams picked their way through the night to parc fermé.

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