Franchise launches new strapline “The World’s Local Hotel Booking Experts”.

Building a truly global online hotel booking website takes some work. Not only do you need to source, select and communicate with hotels which deserve your business, but then you have to build the mechanisms to be able to manage this. From online reservations systems, a hotel interface used to load their rates and availability, to providing something unique and interesting.

Website was developed over many years running along side successful London site What made this work was that it had people based in the destination who built strong relationships with the hotel reservations departments, sales departments and revenue managers. To do this across the world you need motivated people based in the destination with the right tools and support.

After many years producing hotel videos, in 2010 decided to become a Franchise and allow individuals to buy into their destination and be trained as Agents, as part of the global brand.This provided both motivated and destination based Agents as well as valuable capital used to invest back into marketing and development. train the Franchisees with all the knowledge they built up over 10 years at the top of online bookings in London. was subsequently bought by in 2008 and is now a part of TUI Plc group including Thomson, First Choice and

Franchises are now set up in Australia, United Kingdom, Spain, Russia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and the USA. Franchises are exclusive to one agent and received 80% of the hotel booking commission generated via their destination. They can also book and share commissions in other destinations.Franchises are available from £12,500 and provide the opportunity to sell the asset in the future. have just launched another exciting business opportunity which provides the opportunity for an Agent License to to granted in destinations from £2500. This provides the opportunity for entry at a lower level, of particular interest to people already involved in the travel industry, rich in experience, but low on capital.

There may also be opportunities to invest into the main during 2012, particularly to help market the brand globally and develop the online TV channel, showcasing hotels on video around the world.

For more information on being a Franchise or Licensed Agent in your territory, please go to


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  1. Well this is a great information for the people who are looking for developing their franchises business. Thanks for sharing this information guys and keep on updating the good work.

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