Travel to Dubai for the Rugby Sevens Tournament

Once again, Dubai will host a Rugby Sevens Tournament between 28 – 30 November. In fact, the Emirates Airline Dubai Ruby Sevens tournament is the largest annual sporting event in Dubai, attracting over 90,000 people in 2012 during the 3 day event.

For those less familiar with this tournament, the HSBC Sevens World Series consists of 9 tournaments held across the globe. 16 international men’s teams compete in each tournament for the highest number of points, with the team earning the most points over the 9 series being crowned champion. The 2013/14 series kicked of in sunny Gold Coast, Australia, where the reigning champions, New Zealand, secured their first tournament win against the hosts in the final.

The 2nd series will be held at the the Sevens ground, just on the outskirts of Dubai, which is rapidly establishing itself as the new home of rugby in the Middle East. However, this event is not only about the Rugby, with plenty else to experience including a wonderful party atmosphere, top class entertainment, a Rugby Village and a Rugby Rock concert

If you are planning a group trip to Dubai to experience the thrill and excitement of the Dubai Rugby Sevens Tournament and require accommodation in Dubai then simply email or call me on +971 526 782 694 and I will find you rooms to suit your budget.

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