Edinburgh Concierge Services

www.Hotels.tv in Edinburgh is more than a hotel booking service. Yes, we can find the ideal hotel for your needs and budget, at the best rates available, but because we are based in Edinburgh we also know all the best local suppliers, services and contacts.

Hotels.tv - we always put the client first.

Our Hotels.tv Edinburgh Concierge Services can introduce you, for FREE, to;

  • The best bars and restaurants in town.
  • The best tours and tour guides.
  • Tickets for the best shows in town.
  • The best taxi, private hire and executive hire companies.
  • The best personal assistants and personal shoppers in town.
  • The best tailors and dress makers in town.
  • The best attractions for groups, families or solo-travellers.
  • The best places to eat, drink and shop if you are on a budget.
  • The best Scottish produce and producers.
  • The best kilt makers.
  • The best wool clothing retailers.
  • The best musicians.
  • The best whisky experts – and whisky!
  • The best golf courses.
  • And much, much more.

Why waste time and money trying to search out the best things when we can tell you now? We always put out clients first.

Simply book your accommodation in Edinburgh with Hotels.tv and we can provide all the concierge services listed above to you for FREE.

Call 0131 208 3345 or email ian.jamieson@hotels.tv for more information.

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