Scotland’s History Festival in Edinburgh

I recently attended a launch of Scotland’s History Festival, a brand new and exciting festival for Edinburgh, that will take place this November.

Below you can read more about Scotland’s History Festival.

Scotland’s History Festival will celebrate the rich, colourful and astonishing history of Scotland and its people, and their extraordinary contribution in shaping the modern world. Through a series of diverse and exciting events taking place over fourteen days, the Festival aims to encourage community participation, and stimulate national debate, discussion and personal discovery.

The Festival of History will take place in Edinburgh from Thursday 17th till Wednesday 30th November 2011.


The Big Shiny Debates with The Scottish Parliament and in association with Carnegie Challenge and the Scottish Law Society . A three debate series, involving leading historians and commentators exploring the historical concept and aspects of ‘National Identity and Belongingness.

Jock Tamson’s Bairns with Axolotl Gallery. A stirring and evocative documentary exhibition in photography produced by ex Heat Magazine picture editor Clara Massie and project mentor Robin Gillanders and honouring the waves of immigrant groups who became the new Scots and who have made a significant contribution to Scotland’s story.

Scottish History Fact & Fiction with Edinburgh City Libraries. Enlightenment meets entertainment and a chance to mingle with authors around a diverse range of topics in the magnificent Reading Room at Central Library…

Who Did You Think You Were Roadshow with the National Archives of Scotland and Scotland’s People. Genealogy Roadshows that will give visitors in city libraries and the National Museum of Scotland the chance to sample the incredible resource of the National Archive and begin their family tree investigations with a free session.

Time Banquets with the Town House Collection. Presents a journey back in time with slap up suppers, breakfasts and afternoon teas celebrating some of Edinburgh’s most interesting historical connections. Events are planned to honour Ernest Shackleton, David Hume and Elsie Ingils.

Legends – Story Telling Sessions with The Storytelling Centre. A programme of history themed tales and legends aimed at families and children.

Open howf with City pubs and cafes to provide an open venue space where smaller more intimate events can take place in the style of the Edinburgh Free Fringe Festival. Academics, post-grad history students, undergrad history students, and people with a fascination with history can pitch for a slot and we will work with speakers to publicise a diverse range of topics and events over the 10 days of the festival.

For more information on this exciting new festival for Edinburgh head to the official Scotland’s History Festival website.


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