21 Reasons Why Edinburgh Is The Perfect Place For A UK Staycation In 2012

Stay In Edinburgh To Get More For Your Scottish £

There’s no denying that life in the UK at the moment is tough for many people. Family budgets are being continually reviewed- downwards. This has lead to more people not travelling abroad, and saving money by staying in the UK for their vacation – a UK staycation. 2012 will see more staycations and staycationers in the UK than ever before.

Edinburgh Is The Perfect Place For A Staycation

Have A Brilliant UK Staycation In Edinburgh

The good news is that Edinburgh is the perfect place for a UK staycation, and below we give you 21 Reasons Why!

  1. There’s a wide choice of very affordable accommodation in Edinburgh – hotels, serviced apartments, guests houses and B&Bs. Edinburgh is very busy and expensive in August but outside of August there are some great bargains to be found. If you must visit in August, book well in advance to get a bargain.
  2. Edinburgh is geared-up for tourists and offers many FREE activities. Through out the year there are loads of amazing museums, glorious galleries, entertaining events you can visit for FREE.Edinburgh School & Youth Groups Accommodation
  3. Edinburgh has plenty of FREE tours you can join. If you fancy a literary tour, a pub tour or a ghost tour, you can find them for FREE.
  4. Edinburgh is now only 4 hours on the train from London, which means you can spend more time in the city.
  5. Lots of budget airlines fly to Edinburgh, so if you prefer to fly you can get hear cheaply. Plus, the airport is 8 miles from the city centre so you won’t be landing a long way away from where you want to be. And the Airlink bus from the airport is cheap and fast.
  6. Edinburgh’s a great city to walk around – and walking is a cheap activity. Edinburgh has stunning architecture and great views, all that need to be seen from ground level. Plus, you’ll save on bus tickets and taxi fares.
  7. Edinburgh has a great range of cheap-eat cafes and restaurants. Edinburgh is well known for its Michelin-starred restaurants but there are plenty of budget places to eat all types of cuisine. Being a student city, restaurants need to provide value for money meals in Edinburgh. Plus, we Scots love a cheap fine dine at any time.
  8. Edinburgh’s full of promotions and discount deals at the moment – sign up to a few local deal emails and you could save a small fortune.
  9. There are festivals and events going on in Edinburgh 365 days per year. Everyone has heard of Edinburgh Festival in August but there are hundreds of other festivals and events going on every weekend.
  10. Edinburgh is not London. I love London and it’s a great place for a staycation. However, London will be very busy in 2012 with the Olympics and tickets are hard to find.
  11. For our English, Welsh and Northern Irish visitors you can still say are going abroad!
  12. If you’ve been before there’s still plenty to stuff to see that you missed last time or is new since you were last here. Edinburgh is a city that people always return to many times.
  13. Edinburgh is great if you are a solo traveller, a party crowd, a more refined tourist, a history buff, a fun family or a gregarious group. There is literally something for everyone.Free guide to booking group accommodation in Edinburgh
  14. You don’t have to give up your designer luxuries either. Edinburgh has a superb range of budget boutique hotels so you can have your cake and eat it.
  15. Many hotels and guest houses offer a free Full Scottish breakfast to guests. Stock up on breakfast and you won’t have to eat until dinner time.
  16. Edinburgh has loads of B&Bs and guest houses that offer proper family rooms. These are rooms with 4 full-sized beds, not just a double with 2 uncomfortable camp beds or a sofa bed. Family rooms make much more sense.
  17. Edinburgh welcomes groups. We have seen many more friends and families travelling to Edinburgh as larger groups. Groups can get some big discounts on travel and accommodation. Download our FREE Guide To Group Accommodation.
  18. Edinburgh has many serviced apartments. Serviced apartments all groups and families to stay and relax together in the same space, rather then being split across different hotel rooms.
  19. Scotland has different school terms times from other parts of the UK so you can visit when Scottish children are at school.
  20. Have you travelled by bus recently? Bus travel is much more comfortable than it used to be but still very affordable. Edinburgh is an easy place to get to from all over the UK by bus.Edinburgh Group Accommodation Booking
  21. The weather’s not as bad as you may think – it’s surprisingly sunny. Plus, if it is a bit nippy it’s always an excuse to wear that jumper you got for a bargain on the Royal Mile.


  • Many families want to take their family dog with them (saving on kennel costs and keeping the family together). Edinburgh has many hotels and guest houses that welcome dogs.

They say when in Rome, do as the Romans. Well, when in Scotland, do as we Scots – hunt down and enjoy a bargain!



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