The Edinburgh Hotels Cheat Sheet – 25 Ways To Find Cheaper Accommodation

The Edinburgh Hotels Cheat Sheet

25 Ways To Find Cheaper Accommodation in Edinburgh

Below, we at in Edinburgh have put together our Edinburgh Hotels Cheat Sheet –  25 Ways To Find Cheaper Accommodation here in Scotland’s capital city. Read on and save money.

  1. Avoid August if you can. Edinburgh’s summer festivals make accommodation less affordable for the whole of August.
  2. Stay in quad rooms. Many traditional Edinburgh hotels have bedrooms with four beds. Some even have 5.
  3. Stay a wee bit out of the city centre. Hotels outside the Old Town and New Town are usually cheaper. Edinburgh’s great bus network makes it easy to get in to the city centre.
  4. Stay mid-week. You can find some great bargains if you stay Monday to Thursday. Edinburgh’s busy every day of the year so you won’t miss much action staying midweek.
  5. Bed only. Save money by booking a room only.
  6. Bed and breakfast. Get a complimentary hearty Scottish breakfast included in your room rate and it could keep you going to dinner, or to afternoon tea at least.
  7. Dinner, bed and breakfast. Some of Edinburgh’s hotels have fantastic restaurants. Get dinner included in your room rate and you could save money on eating out and save time finding another suitable restaurant.
  8. Go offline. Some of the best hotel deals are not advertised online as hotels aren’t allowed to! Contact and we’ll find you the best offline rates too.
  9. Book as early as possible to save money. Simple but very true.
  10. Avoid RBS 6 Nations Rugby weekends, if you can.
  11. Large apartments. Groups to Edinburgh should look at staying in some of the city’s enormous 4 and 5 bedroom serviced apartments.
  12. Top end 3-Star hotels. Some top end 3-Star hotels offer customer service you’d expect to find in a higher rating hotel.
  13. Check out budget boutique. There are more and more budget hotels in Edinburgh offering design orientated rooms and services.
  14. Stay more than one night at the same hotel. Many hotels in Edinburgh require a two night minimum stay at weekends, and charge a premium for staying one night. Enjoy a longer stay and make it cheaper per night.
  15. Book at – there’s NO booking fee.
  16. Check out the What’s On In Edinburgh Podcast to see if you can avoid visiting when there’s big music, entertainment or sports events on in Edinburgh.
  17. Sign-up to the eNewsletter for the latest deals from hotels in Edinburgh.
  18. Hostels have changed a lot. Some have fantastic facilities and rooms. We can tell you the best ones in Edinburgh.
  19. Check that VAT and other taxes are included in the price you are quoted. All taxes are included in our prices.
  20. Stay at a hotel with free parking. Parking spaces in Edinburgh can be tricky to find, and then expensive when you do find them.
  21. Check out newly opened hotels. New hotels offer some great rates to attract guests.
  22. Go to Uni. You can get great deals by staying at a University outside of term time.
  23. If you are happy to share a bathroom with other guests in a guest house you will save on room rates.
  24. Luxury hotels offer some fantastic weekend packages which can include things like dinner, tours, bottles of champagne, tickets and other lovely things.
  25. Use our FREE services here at Benefiting from our local knowledge of local hotels, events and services will save you money today!

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