Pop-Up Hotels

The latest craze in Edinburgh is certainly to do with pop-up events. There are pop-up shopspop-up bars and pop-up supper clubs.

If you’re unaware of the pop-up phenomenon then let me explain. The characteristics of a pop-up business or event is that they are marketed discreetly, appear for business for a short time (any time from a few hours to a few weeks), and then disappear again. If they are a success then they will pop-up another time and usually in a different location.

Pop-up events and businesses are quirky, fun and very intriguing!

So I thought I’d take a look at pop-up hotels that have appeared across the world. Hopefully we will have our own pop-up hotel in Edinburgh city centre very soon – keep an eye on this Blog for more details.

All About Space is an Oxfordshire based company who  provide top quality accommodation wherever and whenever it’s needed. The company provides full service hotels at events & festivals, additional rooms for existing hotels at peak seasons and temporary villages in remote locations. See their video above.

Visit London opened the world’s smallest pop-up hotel on the south bank of the Thames for a short-period in 2010. Visit London transformed a luxury American Airstream into a beautiful bedroom suite. The high-spec mini hotel featured a dedicated concierge, check-in desk, room service, a flat-screen TV, sound system, fridge and dining-room area, double bed, en-suite facilities and all the other little touches you would expect to find in a top London hotel.

From Russia the inventive minds at the Arch Group have come up with the Sleepbox – see the video below. It’s designed for people in busy cities who find themselves at train stations or airports without a hotel for the night, or day. The idea is to book in to catch up on sleep before your flight or train departs.

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