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School Trips To Edinburgh

School Trips Love Edinburgh

We at in Edinburgh understand how difficult and time consuming it can be organising a school trip – we have an ex-Head of Department in our team, and we have worked with many school trip organisers.

To offer some further support and advice we have brought together some useful videos and links to help you plan your trip and mitigate risk.

Please also contact your own local authority or national teaching association to find out how they can help and what requirements you need to meet.

One of the ways in Edinburgh aim to reduce risk is by booking accommodation at exclusive use venues in the city centre. Booking a small hotel, apartment, guest house, B&B or house exclusively for the use of our group removes contact with other guests in a property.


For assistance finding accommodation for your school trip simply complete the Enquiry Form below and let me find suitable options for you.

Edinburgh Group Accommodation Enquiry Form
Your Name:
Your Contact Number:
Your Email Address:
Date of your first night’s stay?
Overview of your accomodation needs:
e.g. How many rooms, people, room types
Reason for your stay in Edinburgh?
How many nights are you staying?
What is your budget per room?
What is your preferred location in Edinburgh?
Has your group any special requirements? School & Youth Groups
e.g. Dietary, Access, Location, Special Facilities
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