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It’s just been announced that Perth in Scotland, has become Scotland’s seventh city! Congratulations  to Perth on winning the UK-wide competition marking the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee!

Read on to find out more about Perth, things to do there and the great group accommodation that Perthshire has to offer.

Group Accommodation In Perth, Scotland

Group Accommodation In Perth, Scotland - photo by rewbs.soal

Perth is a very picturesque town (sorry, city!) that sits on the beautiful River Tay in central Scotland. Perth was Scotland’s capital 1,000 years ago and has a long and fascinating history. The city is very quaint and the surrounding Perthshire countryside is stunning. Perth is 45 miles north of Edinburgh – an hour’s drive or 1 hour and 15 minutes on the train.

Perth itself has a freindly and lively nightlife, with many cool bars and fine restaurants. Many people choose to visit Perth to go shopping. The town has lots of boutique retailers selling local produce – luxury woollen goods made at local mills is particulalry popular.

Perthshire is also a great centre for outdoor activities such as hill walking, white water rafting, fishing, shooting, canyoning, golfing and much more – ideal for group visits. Perth and Perthshire have some fantastic group accommodation options too. There are stylish boutique hotels, cosy guest houses, holiday lodges and city centre apartments to choose from, all at very affordable rates for groups.



If you are planning a group trip to Perth or Perthshire and would like some free assistance finding group accommodation then simply complete the Group Accommodation Enquiry Form below and I’ll start searching for the perfect group accommodation for your stay.

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