Must See Event This Summer In Edinburgh: NVA’s Speed Of Light

I’ve just been speaking to the Ranger Manager at Holyrood Park and he’s been telling me all about NVA’s Speed of Light event which will be taking place in the hills of Holyrood Park this August – and it sounds truly amazing.

Arthur’s Seat and the Salisbury Crags will be lit up throughout the festival period by walkers and runners moving around the park area wearing light suits. The colours of these lights can be changed by light choreographers at the base camp in the park.

Members of the public can take part by purchasing tickets to join the walking groups. All members of these groups will be given portable light sources so that they can add their own light and movement to this mass display.

Performances take place on 9–12, 15 –19, 22–27, 29–31 August and 1 September.
Guided walking groups meet atSpeed of Light base camp in Holyrood Park every 15 minutes at 9.15pm, 9.30pm, 9.45pm, 10.00pm, 10.15pm, 10.30pm, 10.45pm and 11.00pm

You can purchase tickets for this event at the official Edinburgh International Festival website.

I have booked my tickets so hope to see you there too.


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