The 20 Worst Hotels In Edinburgh?

I’m a big fan of Tripadvisor but the big beast doesn’t quite hit the mark from time to time. Not intentionally, mind you, but it can be behind the curve as it looks at reviews over a set period of time.

This means that if a hotel is taken over by excellent new management, it can take an age for the hotel’s ranking to properly reflect the recent major improvements. In fact, I know people who haven’t bought a hotel because the Tripadvisor reviews were so bad, the potential new owners didn’t feel they could turn around the reviews quickly enough to justify the investment.

Anyway, I’ve just had a look at the ratings for the 20 worst hotels in Edinburgh as according to TripAdvidor (at 24th May 2012), and I agree that the majority of these hotels should be ranked way down. The usual chain and unloved hotels are at the bottom of the heap.

However, I know for a fact that some of these hotels should be ranking much more highly. Let me explain. On the list of worst hotels that are two hotels that definitely should being ranking much nearer the top than they currently are. They are;

The Grassmarket Hotel has recently gone through a major refurbishment to become an ultra cool budget (3-Star) hotel. The hotel’s location obviously remains brilliant, bang in the middle of the Old Town’s entertainments, but the rooms are now innovative and jammed full of stylish fittings and furnishings. I highly recommend booking a stay at The Grassmarket Hotel if you are looking for something quirky, low cost and very near Edinburgh Castle. Book Now!

The Central Hotel (previously the Tailors Hall Hotel) has been taken over by the same company as The Grassmarket Hotel and things have been turned around. The Central Hotel hotel hasn’t gone through a major refurbishment as yet but it’s on the way, so keep an eye out for that. The Central Hotel is still a place for people to party. The hotel sits next to the famous Three Sisters Pub which is one of the liveliest bars in town.Book Now!

Being based in Edinburgh and speaking to hoteliers every day I’m first to hear when hotels are improving. The bonus for my clients is that I can recommend excellent hotels with room rates below their true value. There are several hotels in Edinburgh offering great room rates because new management want to attract customers back to their new cool hotel.

I highly recommend checking out The Grassmarket Hotel and The Central Hotel before the hotel management set room rates to match their rising reputation.


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