Edinburgh’s Best Hotel For Tech Geeks

I’m a geek and proud. There, I’ve said it (although, you may already have guessed that from the fact I write a daily blog about Edinburgh hotels and discuss in detail their services and facilities).

In addition to hotels, I love technology and always take my gadgets with me on business and leisure trips.

So in today’s blog, I’m going to tell you about, what I think, is Edinburgh’s best hotel for tech geeks, and why.

The Rutland Hotel in Edinburgh is not only one of the coolest, mosy stylish and best managed hotels in the city centre but it’s also packed to the rafters with technology in every corner of the hotel. Making it ideal for tech geeks.

The Rutland offers free WiFi throughout the hotel so you can be connected at all times. All bedrooms have large wall-mounted flatscreen TVs, plus there’s an iPod base station at the bedside. Rooms also have direct line telephones with voicemail. For guests who like to take care of their hair there’s also a set of GHD hair straighteners in every room.

But let’s get really audio geeky.

As soon as you enter The Rutland you are met with the highest quality audio technology. The main reception has been fitted with a pair of Audica Professional MICROdot ceiling loudspeakers.

A Cloud Z8ii zone mixer is the hub of the system in public areas and each zone is fitted with a Cloud LM1 module for local source and volume control.

Each bedroom at The Rutland is fitted with an Audica Professional MICROseries system. This system consists of a MICROzone amplifier/controller with two MICROdot ceiling loudspeakers in the bedroom, a MICROdot in the bathroom and an Audica Professional WMR wall-mount remote in both rooms.

The WMR in the bedroom additionally has a 3.5mm jack socket for the connection of PC, MP3 player or similar personal media player.

And it’s not all about bedroom technology. As you move around the hotel, you are still surrounded by the latest technology.

The Rutland Hotel has recently opened a new restaurant called Kyloe Restaurant & Grill. Kyloe was recently voted Scotland’s most exciting new restaurant at the 2012 Scotland Hotel Awards. On top of the fantastic food and service being served up in the restaurant, technology is playing a major part in its draw for customers. The ambience is enhanced by Community CLOUD6 ceiling loudspeakers, powered by KIND KDX amplifiers.

This audio technology continues in the hotel’s elegant bar but with additional bass reinforcement from four Audica Professional MICROsub active subwoofers. The bar area is also kitted out with a number of large flat-screen televisions which can be discreetly hidden away when there’s no rugby or sports event on the go.

It doesn’t end there. You may not be aware that The Rutland has its own uber cool nightclub, called The One Below, and as you’d imagine, technology plays a large part in the success of the nightclub too. The sound system in the main body of the club consists of eighteen  loudspeakers, driven by InOut DA-480 amplifiers and reinforced for low frequency by five Audica Professional MICROsubs. BOOM!

And things get even better in the club’s VIP booths – each has its own dedicated system for guests to listen to their own choice of music, with an amplifier/controller driving two on-wall loudspeakers.

IanCan you recommend any other tech savvy hotels in Edinburgh?

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