Corporate Booking Service support for Professional Conference Organisers is delighted to work with all professional conference organisers and associations to be your preferred hotel booker of choice.  We are currently managing accommodation and hotels for the Global Energy Systems Conference to be held in Edinburgh in June this year.  We are a dedicated team of professional specialists whose passion is hotels in Scotland. We have a team of hotel specialists in Glasgow and a team of hotel specialists in Edinburgh.

We work in collaboration with professional conference organisers to understand the accommodation needs.  We set up a bespoke and secure password protected portal for the client directly or with the PCO (professional conference organiser).  We detail hotels in Scotland and hotels in the UK depending on where the conference is being held.

If you are an association seeking to take out the hassle of finding and organising hotels for your event then look no further than

Our service to manage all hotel bookings for conferences in Scotland is completely free of charge.  Our team have over 50 years’ experience in project management, procurement, sales and marketing.

For example if your conference is being held in Edinburgh we work with hotels in Edinburgh to secure the rooms and corporate rates in readiness for your event.  We design your bespoke booking portal for the conference event to allow your delegates to book hotels in Edinburgh.

We offer a dedicated telephone customer service which gives the full professional support that you’d expect.

Contact us a or speak to Hayley Tennant, Business Development Director 07971 795395.

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