SUMA FLAMENCA 2014, the largest European scene of Flamenco Art

SUMA FLAMENCA 2014, the largest European scene of Flamenco Art, is hosted this year from 4th June to 3rd July in Madrid.

It pays tribute to all those who contribute their talent and art to Flamenco. A special mention will be made this year to the late Spanish guitar player, Paco de Lucia, who developed much of his career in Madrid.

In a short time, Suma Flameca has become one of the most important festivals in the world where young and established artists are brought together.

Espectáculo flamenco

From the 4th June to 3rd July, Madrid will offer 429 acts of flamenco singing, dancing and “el toque” (flamenco guitarist). The Festival will offer 26 different shows, film screenings, a dance contest, a contest for young singers, a flamenco course and a special flamenco show.

Flamenco  has become popular all over the world, there are more academies in Japan than there are in Spain and the Unesco has declared Flamenco as a National Heritage because of its cultural tradition. Come along and let the Flamenco music take you over .. 

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