Mauritius as a shopping destination


Shopping experiences in Mauritius are absolutely amazing: ranging from shopping in a relaxed atmosphere in shopping centres, doing duty-free shopping or shopping in craft markets or even buying artisanal items from hawkers on the beach or on streets is just a fantastic feeling one can get.

Mauritius has a reputation of a shopping paradise. Mauritius is known worldwide as a manufacturer of quality textile, unique artisanal jewellery, and wide range of hand crafts.  Everyone knows that bringing back souvenir gifts are common habit.  So, why not surprise your family and friends with some exotic products such as perfume oils, or hand-made bags… You may even buy freshly made flavoured tea bags or freshly grounded coffee…

The Central Market of Port-Louis (also known at the Port Louis Bazaar) is one of the most crowded markets in Mauritius and also the most visited market by tourists. The Port Louis market is the best place to purchase local made products and also for trying local made foods. The things on sale there are affordable and cheap.  The market brings you close to the local life in Mauritius.

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International Trade fairs in Mauritius

Each year there are different international fairs which are organised in Mauritius. People from every nook and corner of India, Pakistan, Egypt, China, Singapore come to Mauritius to sell their products. You can obtain all types of products such as clothes, footwear, households stuff, kitchen wares, ornaments, decoration items, furnitures and so on. Different animations are organised during the fair to make shopping experience memorable. The prices are affordable.

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Grand Bay Mauritius – The liveliest place in the Island

Grand Bay, is a coastal village and large tourist beach in the north of Mauritius. Grand Bay is the liveliest holiday destination in Mauritius. It is the place where the party is happening!
Grand Bay owes its popularity to the enchanting quality of its emerald waters and to its liveliness by day and by night. It provides the golden opportunity for safe swimming, sailing, windsurfing, and water skiing, and it is also the departure point for deep sea fishing trips and for boat excursions to the islands to the north of Mauritius: Gunners’ Quoin, Flat Island, Round Island, and Serpent Island.
You can find in Grand Bay traditional local shops, some operating for almost 50 years, alongside modern shopping centres and worldwide brand shops. Considering the variety of shops and shopping complexes, Grand Bay is definitely a top shopping destination for clothes, jewellery, textiles and for souvenirs. In the heart of Grand Baie there is the Grand Baie Bazar. At Grand Baie Bazar you can find a variety of stalls, where all kinds of things are offered. Here you can feel real bazar atmosphere: the vendors try to attract the tourists attention with their shouts to lure them into their small shops. There you can find mainly the typical souvenirs. Besides some stalls offer colourful bags, fabrics and handicrafts. Furthermore beautiful stone, silver and gold jewellery can be bought in certain shops. Do not hesitate to bargain at the bazar.


Super U
In Super U Hypermarket, which is located in Grand Baie, a self-caterer gets almost everything he can imagine. Super U has also a wide choice of fresh foods like cheese, meat and fish, vegetables and fruits. Not only ingredients of a decent meal can be bought in this big supermarket, but also things like souvenirs, snorkling equipment, clothes, shoes, books, magazines and newspapers. Also a craft market is to be found which is decorated in an asian style. You will find just everything from shoe shops, wellness, a florist and also an optician.
A big variety of fast food including Indian, chinese, Italian, KFC, cafes and an ice cream palour are also on spot. Outside are bumper cars and other gaming machines for children and teenagers.
The casino ‘Ti Vegas‘ and The Lucky Strike bowling and lounge is another place in Super U where you can try your luck


Espace Ocean Shopping Centre
Based in the Centre of Grand Baie, this Mall is very convenient for tourists. The famous Appearances Beauty Parlour and Hairdressing is located on the ground floor of the shopping centre. It has a variety of shops and café.
Beauty and hair salons
Appearances Beauty Parlour & Hairdressing
Espace Océan, Grand Baie – Tel: (+230) 263 6244


La Croisette Shopping mall
Grand Baie La Croisette’s large retail centre is central to family life. A place for one stop shopping where you can check out the latest designer clothing and footwear, indulge in window-shopping, visit the bank or just do the weekly grocery shopping. The mall draws on the latest design trends from local and overseas shopping centres.

Sunset Boulevard
Sunset Boulevard is located in the middle of Grand Baie. Plenty of shops are waiting to be discovered. Are you looking for presents for your friends and family back home? Or would you like to buy a nice souvenir for your own? Then you should step in the big Souvenirs shop.

Grand Baie Store Plaza
Grand Baie Store Plaza is one of the best shopping centers in the north. There are around thirty stores in the modern two-storey building. Especially high-quality products and international brands can be found at Grand Baie Store Plaza.
In the shopping center you can find everything you can think of. Most of the shops are clothing stores. Besides there are perfumeries, as well as several jewellery shops and footwear stores.
On the ground floor there is the café La Fournaise, an art gallery and four stalls, which offer nice souvenirs and accessories.Grand Baie Store Plaza is not the place for bargain hunting, but you will get some nice and high-qualitiy products at this shopping center.

Nightlife in Grand baie
Grand Bay is also known for its night-life as it hosts most of the island best bars and night-clubs, including Banana Café, Zanzibar, Les Enfants Terribles, Buddha bar etc… For the night owls, the Grand Bay night clubs are the place to be, where parties pick up, generally at around midnight and parties last till the early morning hours.
You can find about 10 night clubs and many more active pubs. Most of the “actions” are during weekends, when both local and tourists fill the clubs and bars, and party until the very late hours. It is very easy to find clubs in Grand Baie, as almost all of them can be found on coastal road in the center of Grand Baie. So, all you have to do is to start walking along the coastal road until you see a club, and then continue to the next, and the next….Another big advantage of the nightlife in Mauritius is that many of the clubs offers free entrance, while others charge low entrance fee of 100 Rs (about 2.5 Euro), which make it ideal for bar where you can find yourself skipping from one place to another until early morning the next day.
If you wish to party hard, you should definitely go to Grand Baie! There is no entrance fee to most of the clubs, so the only price you have to pay is for the drinks.

mauritius_clubbing (1)

Les Enfants Terribles. This club is divided into a few sections, in which they play different types of music. Also, there are 3 bars – 2 indoors and one outdoor, so you can really enjoy drinking, and dancing while changing places inside the club. A place with great atmosphere, pumping music, bright glittering lights, supreme laser shows and a melodic sound system. Lying close to Grand Baie at Pointe aux Cannoniers, Les Enfants Terribles underwent a grand facelift in December 2010. It now has three beautiful rooms in. You’ll find the nightclub buzzing with the rhythms of hip hop, pop, RnB and some all-time classics

Things to do in Grand Bay
Besides lying on the beach and soaking in the sun, you will find facilities for safe swimming, sailing, windsurfing, parasailing and enjoying many water sports.
Also, the Grand Bay region is great place to discover the breathtaking underwater marine life of Mauritius going for one of the Underwater Adventures such as the Underwater Sea Walk, Submarine excursion and the Underwater Scooter. For divers, there are plenty of diving sites to be discovered, all found along the coral reefs, within few km from the beach.
For those who want to cruise around the Bay, there are plenty of choices. Grand Bay is the departure point for deep sea fishing trips and for boat excursions to the islands to the north of Mauritius: Gunners’ Quoin, Flat Island, Gabriel Island, Round Island, and Serpent Island.


Recommended Hotels in Grand Baie:

Merville Beach

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