How to choose the right hotel in Moscow

The methodology for choosing the right hotel is fairly well-known to most experienced travellers. Your choice depends on location, seasonality, type of hotel and the offered service for your money. Here are a couple of suggestions specific for Moscow. 

First, location is actually really important when you come to Moscow, especially if you are here first time. The city is quite nice and friendly, but if you are here for a couple of nights and you want to see the best, then your choice is the city center within the so called Garden Ring. It is the part of Moscow with the best cafes, bars, sights and the nicest streets.

Living within Garden Ring limits lets you get around on foot (although we must warn, that walking across the Garden Ring might take up to two hours) and save some money on transportation and taxi costs. What’s more important, the Kremlin and the main museums like the Tretyakov gallery or Pushkin museum are easily accessible. A good example of location oriented hotels are the Marco Polo Hotel and the Golden Apple Hotel. A great location for your money is the lovely O’Hostel.

Finding the most central location might not be a priority if you know how to get around using the metro. The Moscow metro is a very convenient way of travelling and gets you anywhere you want pretty fast. For example, the Aquarium hotel is located in a suburban part of Moscow right next to the Crocus Expo center. But thanks to the Maykinino station, you can get to the Ploshad Revolutsii (Red Square, Kremlin, GUM) or Arbatskaya (Stariy Arbat, Noviy Arbat, Manezh) stations directly without switching lines in about 25 minutes.

Moscow is regarded as a rather expensive city, which is to be frank is true. So saving a couple of dollars on your hotel stay could be useful. The best way to do this is to avoid or limit working day stays and plan most of the trip for the weekend. Moscow hotels are mostly business traveller oriented, so finding a promotion for the weekend is usually easy. Also, travelling in Autumn and in Spring will also add a couple of extra bucks for your nights stay. Winters and Summers in Moscow are actually great, so why not think about a winter holiday getaway in the magic snowy Russian capital or spend a sunny weekend photographing old Moscow churches and monastaries?

You can check such hotels as Garden Ring or Golden Apple and take a look at their weekend rates.

You can also enhance your Moscow experience by choosing a hotel with a rich historical background since it’s not a problem finding one here. For example, in the Sovietksy Hotel you can experience soviet era chic for a rather reasonable price tag, that will also include breakfast in the legendary restaurant Yar.

If you have additional questions and would like some advice for your trip to Moscow feel free to contact the office in Moscow at


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