The MAKS aviation show starts in two weeks

“Russian Knights”, “Strizhi”, MiG, Sukhoi – does the mentioning of these words make your heart go wild and fingers tickle? Then the MAKS aviation exhibition in suburban Moscow is the place to be starting August 16. has gathered some information about the event and has come up with some tips for foreign travellers wishing to see Russian fighter planes do breath-taking stunts.

The MAKS aviation show and salon starts once in two years, usually in August. It is a big event and serves as a demonstration stage for the Russian civil and military aviation industry. In the last couple of shows MAKS was also visitied by many foreign aviation companies and featured demonstration flights by air forces of different countries.

We should warn you that the show is a highly popular attraction for people living in the Moscow region so please stick to basic rules regarding safety in highly crowded areas. In the past several years the organizers of the salon have improved the exhibitioning process, adding signs in English and friendlier staff.

The most dreaful problem of the salon is getting there. Most visitors try to use the car and the highway to the military airfield Ramenskoe, which hosts the show, gets heavilly congested. We recomend taking the special commuter train that will be going to the show from the Kazansky train station. The train stops at platforms “Otdih” (“Отдых”) and “42-d kilometer” (“42-й Километр”). You can reach the airfield from the platform “Otdih” by a free bus. Here is a map that might be useful.

The prices for tickets start at 500 roubles for a single adult, which is around $17. The official MAKS web-site provides detailed information about where to buy tickets.

And now the most interesting part: at the static parking area the Russian Air Force will present a full range of military airplanes and helicopters: Tu-160, A-50, Tu-95, Su-27 SM, MiG-29SMT, Su-24M, Su-25SM, Su-34, MiG-31B, Jak-130, helicopters Ka-52, Mi-26, Mi-8 MTV-5, Mi-28. Also, Russian Helicopters, JSC will demonstrate their wide range of military and civil helicopters. Apart from this, themed flight performances are in the schedule: “Search and Rescue” with participation of Ka-226Т Mi-34S1 helicopters; “Anti-terror” with participation of Ka-52 Mi-28NE, Mi-8 helicopters.

No doubt that one of the main attractions of MAKS-2011 will be the biggest passenger airplane А-380 made by Airbus. An-158 airplane will be one of the Ukrainian novelties. Thus, this year’s MAKS will be the only exhibition in the world, where the visitors will see the biggest passenger and cargo aircraft!

The French Air Force will demonstrate Rafale fighters in their flight program and the Italian Air Force will demonstrate the only cargo aircraft in the world, performing aerial stunts – S27.

This year, after a 4-year break, US Air Force airplanes will take part in the Salon. For the first time C-5А Galaxy military transport airplane, А-10 attack planes and P-3 reconnaissance plane will be presented at the static parking area. Visitors will also be able to see traditional MAKS participants  – KC-135 transport airplanes, F-16 and F-15 fighters as well as the В-52 bomber. F-15 multipurpose fighter will perform a new 15 minute long program.

And of course – superb performances by the Russian Knights and Strizhi flying MiG and Sukhoi fighters is guaranteed!

You can book your accomodation starting today at Please feel free to contact us at or our Facebook page for more guidance on how to get to Moscow and to the show!

PS: Here is a video that will let you understand what will be going on in the small town of Zhukovski in two weeks

3D video of the MAKS aviation show

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