Walking routes: Gorky Park

It is autumn in Moscow, a great time of the year to be in this city. We highly recommend visting some of the numerous parks in Moscow, that are all red and yellow this time of the year. Our choice is to start with Gorky Park and Neskuchniy Garden – the largest green territory accessible from downtown.

It has become one of the most hype places this year after the new mayor decided it needed a change and brought in a new management team to modernize it in accordance with western standards. Here is what they did.

Gorky Park has a long going history – it was founded back in the 1920-s of the 20th century and many generations of Muscovites associate there childhood years with this place on the Moscow river embankment. The park (together with the Neskychniy Garden) stretches out along the river for about 7 km and after that turns into the Vorobievi Gori park zone. So, I you plan to go all the way then mind that it is 12 km walk.

The main part – Gorky Park – is smaller and was recently the only luna park in town (the rollercoaster scared you to death with their age). The new management demolished all that, made the entrance free, opened new lawns and set up a free wi-fi zone (take that, Hyde park). Yes, you can actually Skype to your meetings while sitting on grass and drinking a lemonade.

Speaking of lemonades – Gorky Park has launched it’s own food production line, so the lemonades and ice-creams are local. Several nice cafes have opened (we recommend Lebedinoe Ozero) and you can also have kebabs from BBQ kiosks.

This summer was pretty hot in Moscow and it’s no surprise that the park management came up with idea of opening a small sunbathing beach. Yes, you can sunbathe, no you can’t swim. Still, it’s pretty nice and with a bar with mojitos – what else do you really need?

We personally are also very fond of the sports attractions – bike rentals are open (don’t like biking – rent some roller-skates), so you can switch the long walking route along the embankment for a ride around the hills in the park. There is also a large ping-pong area in Neskuchniy Garden (tables are also spread around Gorky Park) and the routes along the river are beloved by Moscow’s joggers.

If by chance you end up in Moscow in winter – no worries, it is still a great place to be! This year we are promised to witness the opening of the largest ice-skating ring in Europe and for Christmas and New Year a German fair is planned. We are sure there will be more stuff, so check our blog for more updates.

How to get there: the easiest way is by metro to Park Kulturi station. After exiting find the bridge over the river and cross it. At the end of the bridge you will see the baroque style park entrance.

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