City Creek Mall


The new City Creek Mall was opened in November 2012. It has a beautiful, retractable ceiling that is open during the summer months, and closed in the winter that makes this mall an enjoyable experience all year long. It is two stories high, spans two city blocks, and has a lovely courtyard running down the middle. Along with the amazing water fountains, the City Creek flows through the first floor of the mall, and there are almost always kids laughing and pointing at all the trout. This is a great family mall. There are many outdoor sitting areas, and a giant fireplace during the evenings.


While it is an upscale mall, there are plenty of moderately priced stores such as H&M and Sephora. The Disney store, the Microsoft store, and Anthropolige also make the list. Shoppers can find most of the typical chain stores here. The selection of food is as wide as the selection of stores. The Blue Lemon, Boscata, and the Tuscan Grill are just a few.

Location and Parking

City Creek Mall sits in a central downtown location just between South Temple and 100 South. It is directly across from the Church Office Building on Temple Square. Several of the most popular downtown sites are within walking distance of the mall. TRAX runs near City Creek, and offers free transportation to anywhere downtown. There is inexpensive, and safe underground parking. Shoppers agree that City Creek is a great addition to downtown Salt Lake, and has brought a lot of additional business to the area.

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