Temple Square

There’s nothing more beautiful than walking around Temple Square to enjoy the architecture. Except for the actual Temple, there are free guides in all of the buildings eager to help visitors. Since the Temple is a sacred building for Latter Day Saints, visitors are not allowed inside. But, there are plenty of fun and free activities within walking distance. There is a beautiful mirrored pond, gorgeous gardens, and several water fountains on the Temple grounds, making this a perfect spot for lunch or a night time stroll. Because the Temple is sacred to the Mormons, Temple Square is naturally peaceful and quiet. It’s quite the spectacle all year round with free garden tours in the spring, and elaborate Christmas lights and nativity sets in the winter.

Some of the popular attractions on Temple Square are the Conference Center’s roof top garden, the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, and the Relief Society building. The Joseph Smith Memorial Building was renovated from the Utah Hotel. Now it’s home to several restaurants, including the famous Roof restaurant, the Nauvoo Cafe, and Garden Restaurants. The Relief Society Building is headquarters for the Church’s program for the adult and young women. There are many resources here to strengthen home and family. The Latter Day Saints pride themselves on being able to support a world-wide humanitarian effort. The ins and outs of this effort is on display at the Humanitarian Center. The Church History Museum is also within walking distance, and is a stunning display of early Utah pioneers, and provides information about the Mormon faith. The Family History Library is one of the world’s largest collection of family history records. So stop by to discover your family history, and find your place among your ancestors. If you don’t know where to start, plenty of free help available.

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