Book with Hotels Directly – Tips and Tricks

Here’s an industry fact: most hotels don’t like working with online search engines. These sites ask for an incredibly high commission. To make up for the money they lose in the commission, hotels generally give these sites lower end rooms, and focus more of their attention on higher profit customers. You know what I’m talking about. The rooms in the back corner with no windows, or the one with paint peeling off the walls. If you’re looking to save money, or at least get a descent room, then book with hotels directly. Online sites are convenient for comparing hotels, but once you’ve found the hotel you want to stay at, look up the hotel’s website and book there. If the price isn’t cheaper, you’re guaranteed to get a better room. If you’re really looking to get some bang for your buck, call the hotel. With so much business going on online, it almost always pays to talk to people in person. Talk to a booking agent or salesperson, tell them the price you found online, and see if they will beat the price, or at least add a free breakfast. Most often they will be more than happy to offer something extra to keep you from booking though an online search engine.

Does this sound like a headache? It’s easier than you think, but if you’re not into making phone calls or price haggling, let me know! I’ve built relationships with the best hotels around Salt Lake and can do all the work for you! And don’t forget to check out Salt Lake’s destination page!

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