Brian Regan 2014


We have our tickets, do you? Brian Regan is a Utah favorite, and we’re excited to have him at the Salt Lake Salt Palace on the 28th of February and 1st of March.

3 Reasons We Love Brian Regan

1) His family friendly comedy

Brian Regan leaves his audience with sore jaws and side aches, and we love that he can do that without being vulgar. It takes a special kind of comedian to pull that off, and we admire him for it. This is definitely an event you’ll want to bring your whole family to.

2) His facial expressions

For anyone who’s seen Brian Regan, his facial expressions are enough to bring back that deep belly laugh. We can’t wait for the crazy eyebrows and tricked out smile.

3) His every day observations

The laughs don’t stop at the end of the night. He makes everyday events hilarious, and so you’ll be quoting him every where you go! In no time at all you’ll be quoting, “I’ before ‘e’ except after ‘c’ and when sounding like ‘a’ as in ‘neighbor’ and ‘weigh’ and on weekends and holidays and all throughout May and YOU’LL ALWAYS BE WRONG NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY!!!!”

Brian Regan is performing at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City on February 28th and March 1st. Need help deciding where to stay for the event? Check out the hotels listed below for great prices that are close to the Salt Palace. These hotels are ordered from most to least expensive. For more hotels by location check out the Hotels.TV Salt Lake destination page

Marriott City Center
Salt Lake Plaza Hotel
Shilo Inn Suites

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