Bon Bon at the Gateway

Bon Bon is a local restaurant with only one store front location. It’s located on the second floor of the Gateway Mall, and is a charming restaurant for Crepes, Gelato, and Ice Cream. But, be warned they don’t offer Crepe’s during the summer, because they get way too busy. The store is decorated with antique tables, and trendy lights. My husband and I ordered the grilled cheese crepe, a fresh fruit crepe, and two child sized ice creams. The crepes were beyond delicious. I don’t know what kind of cheese Bon Bon used, but my oh my we were sure sad when we got to the last bite. The Fresh Fruit crepe came with two fruits, and one spread of your choice. We got strawberries and blackberries, with a cream cheese spread. Our Raspberry Nutella, and orange chocolate cake ice creams were a-mazing. At only $1.99 for a child’s size cone, we could have tried all of the flavors!

The store owner was the one making our food, and it was delightful getting to chat with her. She said her crepes were made from about four ingredients. That’s about as simple as you can get! The simplicity definitely added to the authentic, home-made taste. Bon Bon is a delicious, trendy store that has definitely become one of our favorites!

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