Discovery Gateway – The Children’s Museum



Is it OK to admit that my husband and I had a BLAST at the Children’s Museum? I sure hope so. When we have kids, this will be a frequent stop for our family. At Discovery Gateway, there were two huge floors dedicated to letting kids discover and learn. There even was a life sized helicopter on an outside patio. At this exhibit, children get to wander around a play ER. With some great touch screen technology, the kids get to pretend to give someone surgery. Part of the simulation has them drilling into bones, and screwing metal plates down. Gross! There is a beehive where throwing balls through different tubes make different sounds, a media center where they can pretend to be a newscaster, a room for video editing, a story center, and an entire play city! Admission is generally $8.50 per person, but they frequently have sales for $5. Check out their website to find the coupon! During the day there are classes the kids can participate in, and they put on different events like a Dr. Susses’ birthday party. They have an event room for birthday parties, and even weddings. We love Discovery Gateway! Salt Lake is definitely one of the best places to be a kid.

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