Gateway Mall

We visited the Gateway Mall this weekend, and it was a great reminder of how much we love this place! While City Creek has been getting a lot of attention lately, Gateway is still the main stop for local business. This time we visited Bon Bon, and the Children’s Museum (which is a blast even if you’re in your 20s). City Creek is big and trendy, but it’s mainly high-end stores. Gateway has the same classy feel, but focuses more on local restaurants and entertainment. If you’re looking for a cozy coffee shop, or little (and not so little) botique stores then Gateway is your place! It’s an outdoor mall, and has a nice open feel. It recently underwent a $2 million dollar renovation. Included in this renovation are more shaded sitting spots, beautiful flowers, and black stone fireplaces.The fireplaces are a great gathering spot in the winter. Gateway is still decorated with the statues and memorials from when Olympics came to Salt Lake in 2002. So, although with the recent competition from City Creek, Gateway is alive and still stays very busy on Friday nights.


There are many parking spots around Gateway, most costing about a dollar an hour. Although, the first hour is generally free!

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