Planning Your Next Professional Conference


Planning a professional conference is a lot of work, but can be an exceptional place to build rapport, network, and gain valuable up-to-date knowledge about your field.

One Year In Advance

  1. Select conference committee
  2. Select conference site and establish group rate for guests
  3. Prepare a budget
  4. Set registration fees, and open registration

Ten Months in Advance

  1. Begin contacting key note speakers
  2. Select conference sessions and schedule
  3. Send confirmation to speakers
  4. Select menu and meal preferences
  5. Send Publicity to the media

Three-Six Months in Advance

  1. Request AV needs from speakers and staff
  2. Request speaker introducers
  3. Decide on final agenda and meal options

One Week in Advance

  1. Confirm room, AV, meals, and set-up with hotel staff
  2. Give final numbers for caterers

Day of Conference

  1. Relax and enjoy it! You’ve worked hard for this

After the Conference

  1. Send follow up material to all guests and participants
  2. Ask for feedback in improving the conference
  3. Send thank you letters to all speakers


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