Wedding Tips – Choosing the Right Venue


There are a few (or a lot) of things to consider when choosing the right venue for your oh-so special event! Picking your venue should be one of your first priorities. The decor, the food, sending out invitations, and even your colors can hinge on what venue you choose!

1) Think BIG!

Or small. Consider how many people you are inviting, and plan accordingly. How many people does the venue hold? Do any of your guests need special accomidations such as a wheel chair ramp? Think about your guests and how comfortable they will be at your event.

2) Think Original

There are plenty of hotels and reception halls that will help you decorate your event so it shows off your personality. While this is a beautiful, convenient option, don’t forget to look at places like museums, outside pavilions, barns, or restaurants. Theme parks even cater to weddings!

3) Think Decor

What style of event are you throwing, and how much work do you want to put in to make your location perfect? A lot of venues will have decoration packages that can be reasonably priced. If you want to decorate yourself, make sure to ask how much is allowed.

4) Think Comfort

Think about your guests, and how they will proceed through the event. Try and make their visit as enjoyable as possible. Does the venue offer enough parking? In addition to the wedding venue, you’ll want to offer a few hotels with group rates to your traveling guests.

5) Think Lighting

Pictures are probably the most valued after-wedding possession. Is there enough natural lighting for your photographer? What time of day will your reception take place, and what kind of accommodations will your photographer need?

6) Think Service

How many of the venue’s staff will you need? Make sure the venue provides plenty of help. There’s nothing worse than playing the waiting game on your wedding day! Also, be sure to ask about restrictions. Some venues don’t have a liquor license and have restrictions on wines. Some have restrictions on candles or throwing rice/confetti.

Whew! That sounds like a lot of work! Well, it sure doesn’t have to be.

My name is Jennii Fielding, and I specialize in helping brides with booking accommodations. I can help you find your perfect venue, and negotiate hotel group rates for your guests! The best part? I’m absolutely FREE to work with! I get my commission from the venues and hotels. I know you’ve got a lot to do, so why worry about one more thing?

Check out next week’s post for tips on what to do after you’ve picked your venue!

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