15 reasons why we should travel instead of spending on gifts

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1) People who collect experiences are happier than people who collect things.

2) We can see the world, this is seeing TV come to life

3) We can visit family or friends, that’s called bonding

4) Travel is educational, we gained more, we learned more and our curiosity for things grow.

5) Travel can be cheaper than luxury goods.

6) Travel puts us in touch with mother nature.

7) Being away means we can take time away from the kids.

8) ….. or we can bond with the kids!

9) We often do things on vacation we wouldn’t otherwise.

10) Learning about other cultures and ways of life helps us appreciate our own life.

11) Sleeping in a hotel makes us happy to come home to our own bed.

12) Relationship will grow with the travel partner in a way that it cannot be at home.

13) We will make a lasting memory.

14) Our home will remain less cluttered.

15) It is more fun!

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